Friday, November 26, 2010

Travel Sex Guide - ABC Hotel Pool Party in Angeles City

Two sexy Angeles City Bar Girls pose for the camera
at the ABC Hotel Pool Party this past week.
ABC Hotel is a brand new hotel opened in 2008 in Angeles City.  It sits right on Perimeter Road across from the Clark Economic Free Zone fence.  The hotel is one of the nicer places to stay, with rooms costing upwards of 5000p.   It's not cheap, but it's amenities are some of the best in Angeles City.

The pool parties here are some of the best, mainly because the wealthy guys stay here, and the girls are attracked to the wealth.   You'll see very hot girls frolicing around with little or nothing on, flashing a breast, and flirting with you while they play in the pool.  

The pool at this hotel is beautiful, with a full pool bar that provides excellend food, and an attentive staff.   As you can see to the left, there is a main pool, and then a jacuzzi area of the pool.  It's small, but makes it more fun when there are lots of sexy bargirls partying in the pool with you. The pictures tell the whole story, as you'll see beautiful girls, a fun pool to swim in and amenities not usually seen in Angeles City.  It's a great place to stay.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Travel Sex Guide - Angeles City - Foxy Bar - Perimeter Road

Sexy Dancer Dianne from the Foxy Bar on
Perimeter Road in Balibago, Angeles City
Opened in November of 2005, the Foxy Bar & Grill continues to serve new and returning guests.  This clean and cool bar located on Perimeter Road (along the perimeter of the old Air Force Base), is a nice easy going spot to stop in for a drink. 

The great thing about this club, is that you won't have the hassles of dealing with pushy bargirls trying to beg a drink from you.   The club knows that some travellers, make that, most travellers don't want those hassles of saying no.  Bargirls can get pushy, and turn a fun evening into a downer. 

The has a dance stage on one side of the bar, where a shift of 20 to 30 dancers take the stage nightly.  Waiters and Waitresses will take care of your every need, including a full service food menu if you are hungry.  Imagine having some fresh Calimari for only $2.00 US.  It's a deal.

The club has Happy Hour prices that are can't miss.  The ladies drink prices are really reasonable, which allow you to buy drinks, and not lose all your money in one night.   If you are staying at one of the Perimeter Road hotels, then stop by Foxy's for a taste of the Philippines.  Stop by their website to see more of this hot club and dancers at the club -