Friday, June 1, 2012

Angeles City, Philippine Hooker Jane

The Travel Sex Guide follows a website calld Trike Patrol, as the nature of the site is picking up Philippine Hookers off the street, and banging them back at a hotel room.   This week the Trike Patrol snagged a hard working young 20 year older by the name of Jane.   She has a tiny little Pinay ass, small tits, but a big labito.  You could tell by the look in her eyes, when she met our foreign stud, that she was going to be a good time in the sack.
John, the Trike Patrol driver and pervert, has her take off her panties in the room and is amazed at how tiny and tight her little Asian ass is.  He proclaims, "Oh my God", as the porn Gods are definitely here tonight at his assistance.  He can't wait to get his cock inside her, but first, she has to blow him.
Philippine Hookers like Jane are a dime a dozen, and easy to meet, cheap to fuck and easy to throw out of the hotel room when your finished with them.   But John, will always have a place in his heart for Jane, as she works extra hard to please his cock, like a good little bargirl.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Philippine Travel Sex - Angeles City

When you read and watch the brand new Filipina Sex Diary video blog, you will be amazed at how cheap and how easy it is to find hot Filipina pussy to fuck, which in country.  The Philippines has many beautiful things to offer, but the most beautiful are the thousands of horny young 18 year olders looking to make a buck in Angeles City.

Angeles City, or AC, is host to over 100 GoGo Bars and Bikini Bars, and high end night clubs, lining the streets and side streets. The neon lights call you inside their club, and when you enter, there will be 20 to 30 girls on stage dancing.  All you have to do is call one over to your table, buy a cheap $2 ladies drink, and then barfine them from the bar for erotic fun in the sack all night long. 

The Filipina Sex Diary follows the sexploits of a foreign sex traveller who chronicles each and every carnal moment on his travels.  He starts out in Angeles City, then moves onto Manila.  The blog is updated weekly, so this guy is truly fucking his way through the Philippines

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Travel Sex Guide - Altea - Trike Patrol

Altea is a very cute Filipina teen from a Fields Avenue GoGo bar called Club Tropix.  She is only 18 and already has a pierced tounge and a pierced shave Filipina pussy.  Her body is incredible, with a slender frame, and a shaved young pink beaver that swallows cocks whole.

She meets the guys on Santos Street, in front of a hotel getting off a barfine late in the afternoon.  Jimmy Regina approaches her and basically begs her to come back and fuck him at his hotel room.  She agrees, and within an hour, she is a brand new hot Filipina pornstar.

Altea is just one of the many young Pinay bargirls you can meet and fuck in the Philippines.  The Travel Sex Guide points out not only great bars, but also where these little Trike Patrol hotties work and how they like to fuck.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sex in Angeles City with RoseAnne at the Trike Patrol

RoseAnne is a sexy Angeles City, Philippine bargirl made for porn. Her slender young frame, tight shaved Filipina pussy, and round tiny ass, made for a great time in the sack with this hottie.

Angeles City bargirls like RoseAnne love to fuck, and you can see hundreds of them do so at Trike Patrol.

Sex in Manila - Trike Patrol - Ashlee

When the guys at the Trike Patrol got tired of the Angeles City nightlife, they took some time off and travelled down to P. Burgos Street in Makati, Philippines. Makati is the home of the infamous Bikini Bar Row of P. Burgos Street. There are some 50 clubs in a 1/2 mile radius, packed with hot little Filipina bargirls made for hardcore fun.

All you have to do is wait until around 5:00pm to 6:00pm outside the clubs, and meet the girls before they walk into the club. They will talk to you, and most likely, they will sneak away with you prior to the club opening.

This is a great method to avoid paying the 1700p to 3000p barfine, and getting the bargirl back to your room before the nightlife begins. The girl, if not barfined, will probably meet back with you after the clubs close to fuck your brains out all night long.

Ashlee is one of those hot and horny bargirls from Makati, and another victim of the Trike Patrol. She has long slender legs, a fantastic rump and a pussy that opens wide for hard foreign cock. Watch the video clip above, and then stop by the site to see more of this hotty in hardcore action.

Trike Patrol - Tia and Weng - Double Team Cock

Angeles City is a town in the Philippines filled with hundreds of gogo bars, and thousands of bargirls.  Tia and Weng are two of these hot little Filipina hookers that loves working over hard cock together.   When the Trike Patrol guys saw these two beauties walking toward work one afternoon, it was time for a hardcore threesome, Filipina Style!

Tia and Weng are just a couple of the hot little whores that loves to fuck on the Trike Patrol site.   This site features hundreds of beautiful Filipina bargirls, picked up curb side and fucked back at the hotel.   See Manila, Cebu and Angeles City bargirls, fucked hard at the Trike Patrol.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Travel Sex Guide - Isn't She Lovely - Filipino Sex Tour

If you want a taste of what it is like to travel through the Philippines in search of hot young 18 year old pussy, then stop by the Filipino Sex Tour.  It's a brand new site featuring high quality and high definition porn videos of the first timer bar girls in their first ever porn shoots.

This gorgeous young teen was the beautiful Lovely.  We took her on a tour of the Angeles City, Philippine zoo as a gift, if she would do an anal fuck scene for us on camera.  She has been with many men and women in her life, but this was her first dick in the ass.   Ah, a true virgin (anal virgin that is) and she loved every inch of it. 

Stop by this new site and Join the SEX TOUR now.  You'll love the hours of downloadable porn videos, and the access to five other Philippine Porn sites.  Check it out today!